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Students Learning Sign Language

Connecting the Deaf and Hearing in Central Texas and Beyond Through Quality Interpreting Services

Navigate important situations without communication problems with the help of Texas Language Connection. We interpret between Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Hearing consumers in a variety of venues, including educational, medical, legal and community situations. Contact us to schedule an interpreter today.

Educational Interpreting (Pre-K through Post-Doctoral)

Give students a better chance of success with interpreting services from Texas Language Connection. The highly qualified interpreters who work with us gladly take on the challenge of classroom interpreting regardless of the level of the course(s). With interpreting services from TLC, parents, teachers, professors and educational institutions will stand a solid chance at making the grade while students earn the acclaim they deserve.

Pupil in the Classroom

Legal Interpreting

At Texas Language Connection, we understand the challenges that people face when dealing with the legal system. Quality interpreting services from TLC will ensure that all the parties involved can address those challenges without the added burden of a communication barrier. Sight translation is also often necessary in the legal setting and our translators can successfully address that need. Our interpreters and sight translators are certified and understand legal proceedings, which sets us apart from those who simply know sign language.

Medical Interpreting

Texas Language Connection sends quality, certified interpreters into the doctor's office, lab or hospital wherever Deaf or Hard of Hearing consumers go to have their medical needs met. TLC's caring and skilled approach make certain that the sign language user and the professional medical personnel understand one other, paving the way for clear information exchange regarding patient care.

Community Interpreting

Let Texas Language Connection provide you with highly skilled interpreters for all of your interpreting needs. We will match the appropriate TLC interpreter with the situation, whether it be a job interview or a Shakespearean play.

Contact us to find out more about our interpreting services today.